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Septic System—Operation, Installation and Repair

DeGreen Construction Services have been providing septic system installation, operation and repair services in Lake, Geauga, Cuyahoga and surrounding counties in Northeast Ohio for decades. Our tank and system installation process is tried and tested over the years to deliver efficient and quick service. This gives you the peace of mind that your project will be taken care of by professionals and will be finished quickly.

Effective Septic Operation

The proper installation of septic systems can reduce the risk of public disease and has both environmental and economic benefits, which is why it is recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our services will cover the effective planning, designing, installation, operation and maintenance of your septic system.

Serving Lake, Geauga Counties & surrounding local areas in North East Ohio:

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Our Range of Septic Services

There are mainly two types of septic systems—conventional and alternative. These further include sub-categories of systems. The design type that is right for you would be decided on the basis of the type of soils you have or the area you have to install the system.

Once soil tests are completed, our experts take an initial assessment of your area and give you a quote for the installation. We also perform annual or semi-annual inspections/maintenance for the existing septic systems.

These are the some of the types of systems that we can install for you:

  • Conventional Gravity System - This is the standard system which utilizes gravity to transport the waste through the tank and into the leach  field.
  • Mound System - In the case that there is not enough suitable soils  for treatment, the mound system is used. In this system the piping  is raised above the ground level (due to rock or water table)  using special sand, which is distributed  in a time-dose manner.
  • Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) - This system is preferred in environmentally sensitive areas where the wastes needs a more thorough treatment than conventional methods. The aerobic system breaks down the solids using oxygen, transporting clear wastewater to the drain field.
  • Drip Systems - Like the pressure distribution system, this system distributes the wastewater over the existing soils. The difference is that it does this at a slow rate in order to prevent the saturation of the soil. There are several types of drip systems, which once again, are designed based on the soil types, lot size and number of bedrooms.
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Norweco Singulair Green Wastewater Treatment System

The Singulair Green unit is the finest system available and utilizes the most up-to-date wastewater treatment technology.  Developed to serve homes,  the Singulair Green system utilizes the extended aeration process.  The polyethylene tank is UV stabilized; won’t break down or decay over time.  It is substantially stronger and more durable than fiberglass tanks.  This system is ideal for small lots or difficult installation sites. There is minimal disruption to your yard and landscape during installation AND can service a 5 bedroom home where other manufacturers can only service a 4 bedroom home.

This system when accompanied with a  Norweco 1500 UV system, air-pump, telemetry or fail-safe design and sample port allows you to discharge into the State of Ohio waterways, with the proper permitting through the EPA and the local health department.  This is commonly referred to as a NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elemination System) Permit.

For more information on Norweco Green Wasterwater Treatment system, use, maintenance and service please click on the below images:

The experts at DeGreen Construction Services will install a septic system that is right for you and your lot, our reputation and work  speaks for itself.

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